Do Polar Bears Get Lonely?: And Answers to 100 Other Weird and Wacky Questions About How the World Works

By New Scientist

Amazing and interesting questions and solutions from the crew at the back of the foreign phenomenon Why do not Penguins' ft Freeze?

The popular-science journal in the back of the runaway overseas bestsellers Why do not Penguins' ft Freeze? and Does whatever consume Wasps? takes on one other impossible to resist batch of the unusual, foolish, and mind-boggling questions that plague curious minds across the world:
- Can pigeons sweat, can fish get thirsty, and will bugs get fat?- may perhaps an individual devote the proper homicide via killing anyone the day after receiving an entire blood transfusion?- Is there how to beat the percentages of the lottery by utilizing math?- How a lot mucus does a nostril produce in the course of the ordinary cold?- If compelled to consume components of your self to outlive, which non-vital organs could be the such a lot nutritious?
Culled from New Scientist's renowned "The final note" column and edited through Mick O'Hare, the writer of How to Fossilize Your Hamster, Do Polar Bears Get Lonely? is bound to amuse and amaze up to it informs.

(And if a polar endure seems to be lonely, it most likely ability there wasn't sufficient walrus for dinner.)

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This query has confused me considering i used to be a boy. Paul Harwood If the dice used to be made from excellent mirrors then sure, the sunshine could jump round perpetually. regrettably, mirrors are usually not perfect—some of the sunshine that falls on them is absorbed. A family reflect displays merely approximately eighty percentage of the sunshine falling on it. should you stand among huge mirrors, manage so that you can see the sequence of reflections, you discover they quickly get greatly darker. Even a great telescope replicate purely displays among ninety five and ninety nine percentage of the sunshine. the opposite issue to contemplate is the rate of sunshine. In a one-meter dice made from mirrors with ninety five percentage reflectivity, mild will be mirrored 300 occasions in a millionth of a moment and lose five percentage of its brightness every time, so lowering it to lower than a millionth of its unique brightness. So the place does the sunshine move? because the gentle is absorbed it warms up the outside that absorbs it, so the dice will be ever so somewhat hotter. John Romer the answer's definite, if the mirrors are excellent and there's totally not anything contained in the field, together with air. regrettably, universal mirrors are imperfect. After loads of bounces, which happen speedy given the rate of sunshine, the sunshine will be virtually thoroughly absorbed by means of the reflect. gentle might even be absorbed through the air in the dice, yet to a far lesser volume. ideal mirrors do exist, hoping on the main of overall inner mirrored image. for instance, mild touring from water to air can in simple terms break out at steep angles. At shallower angles, the sunshine is completely mirrored again into the water from the bottom of the skin. this is simply obvious in an aquarium or perhaps a glass of water. examine the skin of the water from a shallow perspective beneath and you'll notice a picture because of overall inner mirrored image. curiously, as a consequence the reflect doing the reflecting is neither the water nor the air, yet fairly the air/water interface. to ensure that overall inner mirrored image to take place, the fabric within which the sunshine is touring should have the next refractive index than the adjacent fabric. although, regardless of the mirrored image being excellent on the interface among the 2, the 1st fabric will take in the various gentle because it travels via. So, regrettably, there are not any excellent reflect boxes—but you could come shut. A fiber-optic cable makes use of overall inner mirrored image to permit gentle to go back and forth alongside it with little or no loss over lengthy distances. this sort of Sancd thee c cable is comparable to a replicate field with ends super some distance aside. And diamonds are lower to use overall inner mirrored image, so mild will leap round inside of them repeatedly earlier than escaping pretty well undiminished. this offers diamonds their brilliance. Physicists have created a “mirror field” utilizing a sphere. In a high-Q microsphere resonator, mild is trapped in a tiny glass sphere, continually bouncing off the interior floor at shallow angles, because of overall inner mirrored image. gentle is always pumped into the sector, and since no gentle can break out and merely little or no is absorbed through the glass, the sunshine contained in the sphere builds to huge intensities.

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