Developing iOS Applications with Flex 4.5

Multitouch | sixty three Figure 4-11. Two-finger faucet on degree (values are a similar) determine 4-12. Two-finger faucet on photograph item (values are various) sixty four | bankruptcy 4: Exploring the APIs TransformGesture There are a number of rework gesture occasions to be had inside of AIR 2. 7. every one will seize a distinct multitouch occasion. the instance less than demonstrates the way to hear for GESTURE_PAN, GESTURE_ROTATE, GESTURE_SWIPE, and GESTURE_ZOOM occasions. Let’s assessment the code less than. inside applicationComplete of the applying, an occasion handler functionality is termed which first units the Multitouch. inputMode to Multitouch InputMode. GESTURE. subsequent, it tests to work out if the equipment helps multitouch by way of studying the static estate of the Multitouch type. If this estate returns as precise, occasion listeners are further to the degree to pay attention for the TransformGestureEvent. GESTURE_PAN, remodel GestureEvent. GESTURE_ROTATE, TransformGestureEvent. GESTURE_SWIPE, and remodel GestureEvent. GESTURE_ZOOM occasions. while a person grabs the thing with palms and drags the article, the rework GestureEvent. GESTURE_PAN occasion is prompted and the onGesturePan strategy is termed. in the onGesturePan process, the offsetX and offsetY values of this occasion are written to the textual content estate of the TextArea part. including the event’s offsetX and offsetY values units the object’s x and y, to maneuver the article around the degree. the implications may be noticeable in determine 4-13. whilst a person grabs the thing with arms and rotates the item, the remodel GestureEvent.

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