Dark Heresy: The Lathe Worlds

By Andy Hoare, Andy Chambers, Matthew Boles, Ross Watson, Max Brooke, Kendall Butner, Craig Gallant

For 10000 years, the tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus have led the Cult of the Omnissiah. From their bastion Forges at the Lathe Worlds, they keep an eye on all Holy expertise within the Calixis Sector.

The Lathe Worlds is a complement for darkish Heresy that finds the key heritage of the Lathe Worlds, from their mysterious founding to their present struggles opposed to tech-heresy. What’s extra, avid gamers will achieve entry to new exchange Careers similar to the Mech-Assassin and Agent of the Lords Dragon, and arm themselves with guns and presents of the Omnissiah. And in an exhilarating new experience, your workforce will trip to a misplaced comet-station, the place they’ll cease renegade tech-priests from heretical experiments into the Warp!

This isn't really a standalone product. a replica of the darkish Heresy middle rulebook is needed to play.

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