Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale: GameMastery Module

By Vincent Dutrait

Fallow and deserted for years, Bloodsworn Vale has lengthy been a perilous wooden setting apart kingdoms. a up to date call-to-arms asks adventurers from world wide to set up a exchange direction via this darkish and forboding woodland. Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale is a mid-level desert event written by means of Jason Bulmahn that pits gamers opposed to the evil fey tribes of the Vale. merely the valiant and smart can defeat the fey - yet will you be smart sufficient to smash their grasp?

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The flame drakes provide you with an opportunity to make the risks of the vale all of the extra actual through bringing them domestic. the best structures to burn down is the viewers’ barracks, forcing the computers to maneuver into the Boar’s Bones (if they've got no longer already). those assault scenes might be cinematic, with the poor drakes flying quickly overhead, raining demise upon the village. considering that any lone personality who flies as much as problem the drakes is heavily outmatched, ensure that you do concentration the motion at the floor and provides the characters lots of possibilities to avoid wasting townsfolk and extinguish constructions. really without warning, the folk of citadel Thorn appear to be in a panic. people run from their half four: grasp of the vale After the demise of the fey, who contributed a key aspect to his immortality brew, and the loss of life of a couple of his robust flame drake servants, Vardak is especially offended. ahead of the coming of Sir Tolgrith and his males, Vardak was once the grasp of the vale. Now his dominion is challenged, his servants slaughtered, and his plots spoiled. This challenge has eventually drawn his complete 19 conquest of bloodsworn vale Seed of fireplace air of mystery robust evocation; CL 18th Slot —; expense 14,400 gp DEscRiPTiON created through the Empire of cheliax as a weapon able to scouring the battlefield in detoxing flame, this magic merchandise involves a couple of crimson gem stones. while the command notice and a time period is spoken into one of many gem stones, the opposite turns into completely desk bound and starts off to glow with flame. while the time period expires, the gemstone explodes, raining fireplace on a 60-foot sq. quarter without delay lower than it. this hearth offers 18d6 issues of fireplace harm to all creatures and buildings within the zone. A Dc 22 Reflex keep halves this harm. as soon as activated, the seed can purely be deactivated by means of destroying its accomplice gem (which destroys the article) or through conversing a different command observe into the associate gem, which permits the seed of fireside to be reused. building specifications craft Wondrous merchandise, firestorm; fee 7,200 gp, 576 XP companies towards the maintain, pointing on the sky. Floating above the keep’s stone roof is a bald guy wearing purple gowns trimmed in black. He issues an accusing finger down on the townsfolk and shouts, “Trespassers, a while is at an finish! go away my valley now and inform the fools of Varisia that the Bloodsworn Vale belongs to Lord Vardak. you could have slain my servants and pillaged my lands, but i'm really not with out mercy. you've got 5 days to go away the vale, at which aspect my seed will rain demise upon this position. this can be your in simple terms caution. ” With that final proclamation, the mage vanishes and a tiny seed of flame seems in his position, floating above the citadel, pulsing faintly. After giving this message, Vardak prompts the seed of fireside, mounts his flame drake and flies east towards his mountain retreat. one of many guards atop the japanese watchtower notes his departure and path and stories it to Sir Tolgrith. If the computers aren't current for this ultimatum, they're recalled instantly. Sir Tolgrith has heard of seeds of fireplace ahead of, as a myth touching on 20 the may possibly of the empire of Cheliax, and has a simple realizing of what they could do.

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