Computer Security and Cryptography

By Alan G. Konheim

Gain the talents and information had to create powerful information protection systems

This publication updates readers with the entire instruments, suggestions, and ideas had to comprehend and enforce info safety platforms. It offers a variety of issues for a radical realizing of the criteria that have an effect on the potency of secrecy, authentication, and electronic signature schema. most significantly, readers achieve hands-on event in cryptanalysis and tips on how to create powerful cryptographic systems.

The writer contributed to the layout and research of the information Encryption ordinary (DES), a customary symmetric-key encryption set of rules. His innovations are in accordance with firsthand adventure of what does and doesn't work.

Thorough in its insurance, the ebook starts off with a dialogue of the historical past of cryptography, together with an outline of the fundamental encryption structures and lots of of the cipher platforms utilized in the 20 th century. the writer then discusses the speculation of symmetric- and public-key cryptography. Readers not just detect what cryptography can do to guard delicate information, but additionally research the sensible boundaries of the expertise. The ebook ends with chapters that discover quite a lot of cryptography applications.

Three simple forms of chapters are featured to facilitate learning:

  • Chapters that improve technical skills
  • Chapters that describe a cryptosystem and current a style of analysis
  • Chapters that describe a cryptosystem, current a style of study, and supply difficulties to check your snatch of the cloth and your skill to enforce functional solutions

With shoppers turning into more and more cautious of identification robbery and corporations suffering to enhance secure, safe platforms, this publication is key analyzing for execs in e-commerce and data expertise. Written by way of a professor who teaches cryptography, it's also excellent for students.

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