Carnival of Tears: GameMastery Module

By Tim Hitchcock

Falcon's hole has lengthy been watched through the vile fey of Darkmoon Vale. They've lingered of their wooden, seething with anger on the townspeople for defiling their land. whilst the carnival arrives, the fey ultimately see their probability for vengeance. Carnival of Tears is a low-level, event-based event written by means of Nicolas Logue and Tim Hitchcock that pits the avid gamers opposed to a band of retched fey who've infiltrated a carnival which will unharness their anger on Falcon's hole. whilst the heroes discover the darkish secrets and techniques inside, will they act in time to avoid Falcon's hole from turning into the carnival's ultimate consumers?

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Inside of, a small finally end up equipment performs a bit music. “I went to city the opposite day, to determine me a stunning lass. yet at the method, me knickers tore, and so I did not go. For wish I had of a stitchin’, for wish I’ve misplaced love reasonable. And what with no my knickers, now needs to conceal my derrière? ” catch: a tender lumberjack frozen within the wall stares out of his icy tomb; an individual watching upon his face is by surprise struck with icy terror. CR five results set off situation; Reset computerized influence spell impact worry, 7th-level cleric, DC sixteen Will negates. Jack-in-the-Box CR 2 strategies sooner than wrestle The jack-in-the-box guards its passage patiently, purely attacking these members attempting to use its passage with no permission. in the course of strive against The jack-in-the-box slams in regards to the passageway, barreling into rivals. Morale The jack-in-the-box fights to the demise. CR 1/6 hp four; MM 276 strategies in the course of strive against If a person makes an attempt to snatch the module E1 Horrifically embedded in the ice wall, you spot the terrified face of a tender guy screaming as though frozen alive. sort magical; seek DC 29; Disable machine DC 29 hp 32; MM thirteen (Medium lively item) 22 CT14e. The Face of loss of life (EL five) Frozen worry capture The quirky music is a riddle that refers back to the offended jack-in-the-box that displays the passage. If the desktops position a pin, stitching needle, or thread contained in the monkey’s field, they might move through unmolested. If invaluable, a DC 12 wisdom (local) or Bardic wisdom fee identifies the song as an outdated tailor’s or seamstress’s track. If computers don’t reply accurately, the monkey waits a section and provides them the field back. At any time, may still they forget about the monkey and check out to circumvent him, he chatters maniacally, rousing the spring-bobbing, ever-grinning jester-head that pops up from the bigger field. Monkey monkey, he bites and attempts to wiggle loose, hiding in the back of the jack-in-the-box. Morale If the monkey takes harm or if the jack-in-the-box is destroyed, he runs off into the ice maze screeching. CT15. Ice Carving (EL 6) coated up in rows are extraordinary blocks of ice, every one status approximately six toes excessive. Dozens of revelers, together with lumberjacks, kids, pairs of giddy fanatics, and a couple of aspiring artist, assemble around the blocks with hammers and chisels fortunately provided by means of a group of bushy-bearded gnomes. The blocks of ice are labored over by way of consumers hoping to wow others with their sculpting talents and win a hefty money prize. sufferers frozen contained in the blocks are chipped away at because the ice dwindles. Statues start to bleed because the carvers sever palms and ears, and pulped eyes and mashed the teeth sign up for the bloody shavings on the blocks’ bases. Carvers don’t see the blood or realize the terrible wounds they inflict and proceed to merrily chip away on the screaming townsfolk trapped inside of. This bloodthirsty occasion kills 20 humans in keeping with hour. Frosty Chiseler CR three hp 39; see Appendix half four: Hearts of Ice while the desktops disrupt 3 of the fey’s grisly carnival occasions, the chilly rider starts to suspect that they could be the downfall of his plan.

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