Caravaggio and His Copyists (Monographs on Archaeology and Fine Arts)

By Alfred Moir

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24c. through Gerard van Honthorst, NG, Oslo; pen, brown ink, wash (265 X 380 mm. ) s/ and dated 1616. Moir, ibid. *24d. through Jusepe Ribera, Louvre, Paris, no. F6038 (probably fr Mariette Coll); pen, ink wash, pale and torn (165 X 199 mm. ). Moir, ibid. ; pp. 136-137. APPENDIX I ninety three *24e. by means of Mattia Preti? Louvre, Paris, no. F9725 (perhaps fr Mariette Coll); pen, ink, wash (159 X 220 mm. ). Moir, ibid. , p. thirteen 7. *24f. by means of anon. Genoese, Louvre, Paris, no. F6032 (fr Mariette Coli); pen, ink, wash (286 X forty three 7 mm. ). Moir, ibid. *24g. misplaced: by means of Domenico Fetti? Mariette sale, Paris (1775), p. sixty four, lot 402, as Fetti; black chalk; kneeling executioner merely; drawn through St. Aubin within the margin of the revenues catalogue (BMFA). Moir, ibid. Painted copies: *24h. Sto. Stefano, Abbazia Novalicense, Val di Susa (170 X 223 em. ); offered to the previous w four different canvases by way of Napoleon. Bariola, 1899. FARL picture 26341. *24i. Uffizio Staccato, Sestri Levance (Genoa) (177 em. wide). 199 *24j. misplaced? Del Monte Coll (1627). Frommel, 1971, p. 30 *24k. through Ribalta? , Colegio del Corpus Crisci (or del Patriaca), Valencia (170 X 235 em. ). Ainaud, 1957, p. 89. Mas picture 16749-C. *241. Diocesan Mus Valencia (until 1936) (190 X 196 em. ); previously within the parish chapel of S. Pedro within the cathedral. Ainaud, 1947, p. 383. *24m. Aula del ethical, El Escorial. Ainaud, ibid. , as "mediocre. " ? *24n. misplaced? Sacristia del coro o sala de capas, El Escorial. Ainaud, 194 7, pp. 383-384, n. sixty four. *24o. misplaced? Coll Archbishop Juan de Ribera, Valencia (1611). Pacheco, 1956, II, p. thirteen. possibly both 24k or 241 above. *24p. Academia de Bellas Artes de S. Jorge, Barcelona. Ainaud, ibid. , as "poor Italian paintings. " *24q. misplaced? S. Felipe Neri, Seville. two hundred Ponz (1787), 1947, p. 791 (as "a reliable copy"); Ainaud, 1947, pp. 382-383. ? *24r. misplaced? previously S. Pedro, Seville. Longhi, 1927, p. 10. *24s. s/by Francisco Ribalta, Coll Prince Pio, Mombello, Imbersago (78 x ninety three em. ). Ainaud, 195 7, p. 89, as painted in Italy and brought via the artist to Spain, the place it served because the version for greater copies like 24k above. *24t. by way of Domenico Fetti? , Storerooms, Gemaldegalerie, Dresden (very small). ninety four CARA V AGGIO AND HIS COPYISTS *24u. Coli Graf von Schon born, Schloss Pommersfelden, panel (29. five x 38. five em. ) *24v. s/"A. [Adrian] Bloemaerts 1650," 201 Crol sale, van Made, de Sille and Baan, Rotterdam lot seventy two, 22-23 Dec. 1953; var-copy in panorama w 2 extra figures. NIAH picture no. 143024). (figure 73). *24w. by way of anon Frenchman? laptop, Chicago (98 X one hundred ten em. ) (figure 72). *24x. Monastic ch, Xochimilco, Mexico D. F. (in a retable). 24y. misplaced: Bertrand sale (1802), for 2402 fr. Mireur, I, pp. 33-34. 25. Entombment, 202 Vatican Pin (203 X three hundred em. ) 17 C. print: *25a. via Dirck van Baburen, etching w engraving (210 X 253 mm. ). rev. Nagler, Mon, V, 561. 667; di Vesme. BMFA sixty one. 606; Albert]. II, forty three, fol. 21. (figure 74). 18 C. -19 C. prints: +25b. St. -Non (1771? ). Rev. M, I, p. 624, no. 32; Friedlaender, 1955, p. 189. +25c. Guattani (1784). Friedlaender, 1955, p. 187. +25d. Tommaso Piroli, engraving (300 x409 mm. ). Le B1, III, 208. 1; M, I, p. 624, no. 27. Met Mus fifty one. 501. 4822; Albert HB XIV 155/251 and].

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