Build Up Your Chess 1: The Fundamentals (Yusupov's Chess School)

Artur Yusupov’s whole process chess education stretches to 9 volumes, guiding the reader in the direction of a better chess realizing utilizing conscientiously chosen positions and recommendation. to ensure that this new wisdom sticks, it truly is then demonstrated via a range of puzzles.

The direction is based in 3 sequence with 3 degrees. the basics point is the simplest one, past the fundamentals is tougher, and Mastery is sort of tough, even for improved players.

The a number of themes – strategies, approach, Positional Play, Endgames, Calculating diversifications, and Openings – are unfold flippantly around the 9 volumes, giving readers the opportunity to enhance each region as they paintings during the books.

This booklet is the 1st quantity on the basics point.

The Build Up Your Chess sequence gained the celebrated Boleslavsky Medal from FIDE (the international Chess Federation) because the most sensible educational chess books within the world.

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C1! After this flow, the bishop can't discover a secure sq. at the diagonal and turns into the sufferer of a double assault. yet now not l . d7? I! Ic7 2. l! Icl , as a result of 2 ... i. a2! three. l! Ib2 hb3=. 1.. . td3 a) L.. i. a2 2. ';! ;(b2+b) l... i. e4 2. d7 I! Ic7 three. ttle6t I! Ixd74. ttlc5t+c) l ... i. g6 2. d7 I! Ic7 three. ttle6t I! Ixd7 four. ltJffit+d) l ... i. h7 2. d7 I! Ic7 three. ttle6t I! Ixd7 four. ttlfBt+2. d7 �c7 three. ttle6t �xd7 four. ttlcSt+. 2 1 a b c d e f g h 1 22 The Double assault < Double assaults are harmful, yet they don't regularly win the sport! ....... N Diagram 12-9 � Diagram 12-9 eight Leningrad simultaneous 1975 7 l. 'lWc2? A double assault at the bishop on c7 and the pawn on h7, yet Black saves himself with a tactical trick. the easy 1. �d3= was once higher. 1. .. g6! And White can't take the bishop, as a result of 2:�xc7 �c8! 3:�xa7 �c1 t-+. within the attempt which follows, you need to to begin with search for 'potential sufferers' in your assault, resembling unprotected items of your opponent. then you definately also will locate the double assault! 1 23 6 five four three 2 1 a b c d e f g h Exercises ) eight eight 7 7 6 6 five five four four three three 2 2 1 1 a b c e d f g h eight eight 7 7 6 6 five five four four three three 2 2 a b c d e f g h a b c d e f g h a b c d e f g h 1 a b c e d f g h * > Ex. 12-3<' eight eight 7 7 6 6 five five four four three three 2 1 a b c d e f g h 1 24 Exercises > Ex. 12-7-( 6,. * > Ex. 12-10-( eight eight 7 7 6 6 five five four four three three 2 2 a b c d e f g h eight eight 7 7 6 6 five five four four three three 2 2 6,. ** a b c d e f g h a b c d e f g h a b c d e f g h a b c d e f g h a b c d e f g h eight 7 6 five four three 2 one hundred twenty five ( ...... N C"-l . - lli suggestions �) t Ex. 12-1 Ex. 12-6 Hungarian group Ch 1 997 Stockholm 1 ninety seven five ,. " 1... lMfb8! -+ 1. 1Mfd4! +(1 element) 0-1 (2 issues) A triple assault on g7, g4 and c5. Black resigned, in view of l . .. lMfxd4 2. li:ie7t mh8 three. 1"lxfB# and l... 1"lxf5 2. 1i;\>'xc5 1"lxfl t three. 'it>g2 1"lf2t four. mgl +-. nevertheless, 1 . \Wxd5t?? will be a blunder, as a result of 1 ... lMfxd5t (check to the king on h i ! ). neither is l . e4? any solid, as a result of 1 ... Ii:if2t. Ex. 12-2 Copenhagen 1928 1 ... f5t! 2. exf6t li:ixf6t-+ (t element) 0-1 Ex. 12-7 Ex. 12-3 4th Borowski event, Essen 2002 USSR Ch, Moscow 1 988 I. li:ic6! +- 1 . lMfxh3t! (t aspect) Black resigned, because of 1 . .. 1"lxb7 2. li:id8f +-. one other smart decision will be l . li:ic4, proceeding a4-a5-a6, due to the fact that after 1 . .. 1"lxb7 there comes 2. li:id6t (also 1 point). . • ( t aspect) 2. i>f3 If2. mxh3, then 2 ... Ii:ixf2t-+. 2 1Mff5t three. i>e3 Ii:ixc3 four. bxc3 lMfe6t-+ •.. Ex. 12-4 Ex. 12-8 version from the sport Paris 1900 Bundesliga 1 992 I . lMfc5+- 1. 1Mfc1! +(t element) Ex. 12-5 Helsinki 1983 I... d3! 2. Ld3 e4 three. ie2 three. ixf6 exd3-+ four. . . exf3 five. gxf3 lMfe5 6. f4 lMfa5t-+ (2 issues) A double assault, threatening either the bishop on f5 and mate on facebook. For the strikes l . lMfb4 or 1 . \Wa3 (attacking a pawn instead of the bishop) you get I element. it really is greater to assault the improved items. 1-0 Ex. 12-9 (t aspect) A1bena 1 989 White needs to cope with the specter of 1 ...

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