Bats Sing, Mice Giggle: The Surprising Science of Animals' Inner Lives

By Karen Shanor, Jagmeet Kanwal

"Amazing, relocating, and enlightening. Bats Sing, Mice Giggle offers the newest findings at the intimate lives of animals with nice beauty. i like to recommend it wholeheartedly."—Larry King

Bats Sing, Mice snigger is the end result of years of attention-grabbing clinical study that unearths how animals have mystery internal lives of which, until eventually lately, we had little facts. Karen Shanor and Jagmeet Kanwal take readers on an eye-opening voyage of discovery, displaying how animals construct, create, and communicate—expressing grief, pleasure, anger, and fear—which emphasizes simply how animal we people are.

Karen Shanor lectures at Georgetown collage and is a medical psychologist and an consultant for the invention Channel’s Animal Planet programs.

Jagmeet Kanwal teaches at Georgetown collage and is an the world over famous neurothologist.

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