Bash Quick Reference

By Arnold Robbins

During this quickly reference, you'll locate every little thing you want to learn about the bash shell. even if you print it out or learn it at the monitor, this e-book delivers the solutions to the aggravating questions that often arise while you're writing shell scripts: What characters do you want to cite? How do you get variable substitution to do just what you will have? How do you utilize arrays? It's additionally beneficial for
interactive use.

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Web) or for offering programmable of completion (see the part “Programmable Completion,” later during this reference). $_ BASH BASH_ARGC BASH_ARGV BASH_COMMAND BASH_EXECUTION_STRING transitority variable; initialized to pathname of script or software being achieved. Later, shops the final argument of past command. additionally shops identify of matching MAIL file in the course of mail assessments. the whole pathname used to invoke this example of Bash. Array variable. every one aspect holds the variety of arguments for the corresponding functionality or dot-script invocation. Set purely in prolonged debug mode, with shopt -s extdebug. can't be unset. An array variable just like BASH_ARGC. each one point is without doubt one of the arguments handed to a functionality or dot-script. It services as a stack, with values being driven on at each one name. hence, the final aspect is the final argument to the newest functionality or script invocation. Set merely in prolonged debug mode, with shopt -s extdebug. can't be unset. The command presently executing or approximately to be achieved. within a seize handler, it's the command working while the seize used to be invoked. The string argument handed to the -c choice. Variables thirteen BASH_LINENO BASH_REMATCH BASH_SOURCE BASH_SUBSHELL BASH_VERSINFO[0] BASH_VERSINFO[1] BASH_VERSINFO[2] BASH_VERSINFO[3] BASH_VERSINFO[4] BASH_VERSINFO[5] BASH_VERSION COMP_CWORD COMP_LINE COMP_POINT COMP_WORDBREAKS COMP_WORDS DIRSTACK EUID FUNCNAME teams HISTCMD HOSTNAME HOSTTYPE LINENO MACHTYPE OLDPWD 14 Array variable, resembling BASH_SOURCE and FUNCNAME. For any given functionality quantity i (starting at 0), ${FUNCNAME[i]} was once invoked in file ${BASH_SOURCE[i]} on-line ${BASH_LINENO[i]}. the data is kept with the newest functionality invocation first. can't be unset. Array variable, assigned via the =˜ operator of the [[ ]] build. Index zero is the textual content that matched the full development. the opposite indices are the textual content matched through parenthesized subexpressions. This variable is read-only. Array variable, containing resource filenames. each one point corresponds to these in FUNCNAME and BASH_LINENO. can't be unset. This variable is incremented via one every time a subshell or subshell setting is created. the foremost model quantity, or liberate, of Bash. The minor model quantity, or model, of Bash. The patch point. The construct model. the discharge prestige. The computing device sort; comparable worth as in MACHTYPE. A string describing the model of Bash. For programmable finishing touch. Index into COMP_WORDS, indicating the present cursor place. For programmable of entirety. the present command line. For programmable crowning glory. the placement of the cursor as a personality index in COMP_LINE. For programmable of entirety. The characters that the readline library treats as observe separators whilst doing note finishing touch. For programmable of entirety. Array variable containing the person phrases at the command line. Array variable, containing the contents of the listing stack as displayed by way of dirs. altering present components modifies the stack, yet simply pushd and popd can upload or eliminate components from the stack.

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