Astronomically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations on Astronomy and Physics

To appreciate the background, accomplishments, mess ups, and meanings of astronomy calls for a data of what has been stated approximately astronomy by way of philosophers, novelists, playwrights, poets, scientists, and laymen. With this in brain, Astronomically talking: A Dictionary of Quotations on Astronomy and Physics serves as a consultant to what has been acknowledged approximately astronomy during the a long time. Containing nearly 1,550 quotations and diverse illustrations, this source is the biggest compilation of astronomy and astrophysics quotations released to date.

Devoted to astronomy and the heavily comparable parts of arithmetic and physics, this source is helping shape a correct photograph of those interconnected disciplines. it truly is designed as an reduction for common readers with little wisdom of astronomy who're attracted to astronomical themes. scholars can use the publication to extend their knowing of the complexity and richness that exists in clinical disciplines. moreover, skilled scientists will locate it as a convenient resource of rates to be used within the school room, in papers, and in displays. a brief look through the desk of contents illustrates the diversity of subject matters mentioned. Readers can quick and simply entry the wit and knowledge of a number of hundred scientists, writers, philosophers, poets, and teachers utilizing the great indexes.

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Astrology antedated—and possibly will survive—astronomy; easy souls are extra attracted to telling futures than in telling time. the tale of Civilization half I Our Oriental background creation bankruptcy I (p. eighty) Emerson, Ralph Waldo Astronomy to the egocentric turns into astrology;. . . Essays and Lectures Essays moment sequence Nature (p. 546) Johnson, Severance Astronomy Is for the brain of gods, astrology 6 ASTROLOGY 7 For simpletons. The Dictator and the satan Shakespeare, William it's the stars, the celebs above us, govern our situation. King Lear Act IV, scene iii, L. 34–5 The fault, expensive Brutus, isn't really within the stars, yet in ourselves. Julius Caesar Act I, scene ii, L. 134 ASTRONAUTS Armstrong, Neil That’s one small step for guy; one massive bounce for mankind. Apollo eleven Apollo eleven the following males from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon July 1969, A. D. WE got here IN PEACE FOR ALL MANKIND. Plaque left on moon Conrad, Pete Whoopee! guy, that can were a small one for Neil, yet it’s a protracted one for me. Apollo 12 Swigert, Jack ok, Houston; we’ve had an issue. Apollo thirteen Shepherd, Alan It’s been some distance, yet we’re the following. Apollo 14 Scott, Dave guy needs to discover. And this is often exploration at its maximum. Apollo 15 younger, John There you're: Mysterious and Unknown Descartes. Highland plains. Apollo sixteen is gonna switch your snapshot. I’m definite happy they bought ol’ Brer Rabbit, the following, again within the briar patch the place he belongs. Apollo sixteen eight ASTRONAUTS nine Ç Ý¸ ÀÓÙ×ØÓÒ Û ³Ú ÔÖÓ Ð Ñº  ËÛ ÖØ ß ´Ë Ôº µ Cernan, Gene I’m at the footpad. And, Houston, as I step off on the floor at TaurusLittrow, I’d wish to devote step one of Apollo 17 to all those that made it attainable. Apollo 17 Bob, this can be Gene, and I’m at the floor; and, as I take man’s final step from the outside, again domestic for a while to come—but we think no longer too lengthy into the future—I’d wish to simply (say) what i feel heritage will checklist. That America’s problem of this present day has solid man’s future of the next day to come. And, as we go away the Moon at Taurus-Littrow, we depart as we got here and, God prepared, as we will go back, with peace and desire for all mankind. Godspeed the group of Apollo 17. Apollo 17 ASTRONOMER Calder, Nigel while astronomers convey dissatisfaction with either the large Bang and the regular nation suggestions of the universe, they're in hassle, since it is tough to visualize radical choices. The Violent Universe bankruptcy III (pp. 121–2) Cunningham, Clifford J. Today’s astronomers reside and die via journals and meetings. Sky and Telescope The Baron and His Celestial Police (p. 271) quantity seventy five, quantity three, March 1988 Donne, John If then th’ Astronomers, while they spie A new-found Starre, their Opticks magnifie, How courageous are these, who with their Engine, can carry guy to heaven, and heaven againe to guy? In Charles M. Coffin (ed. ) the entire Poetry and chosen Prose of John Donne To Mr Tilman After He Had Taken Orders Friedman, Herbert To the astronomer of this day, probing ever deeper with brain and telescope, the universe is greater than appealing: it's outstanding, violent, and without end mysterious.

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