Another Pet (Read-It! Readers)

By Trisha Speed Shaskan

Dennis has a puppy named Snips. yet after a visit to the zoo, Dennis wishes a special puppy. Will he get a giraffe? A monkey? A seal?

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Dogs—Fiction. five. Asian Americans—Fiction. ] I. Vincent, Kenneth, unwell. II. name. III. sequence. PZ7. S53242Ano 2006 [E]—dc22 2006003574 ISBN-10: 1-4048-2464-2 (eBook) Another puppy by means of Trisha pace Shaskan illustrated via Kenneth Vincent specified due to our advisers for his or her services: Adria F. Klein, Ph. D. Professor Emeritus, California country collage San Bernardino, California Susan Kesselring, M. A. Literacy Educator Rosemount–Apple Valley–Eagan (Minnesota) tuition District My identify is Dennis. four And this is often my puppy, Snips. Snips is an effective puppy. five Yesterday, I went to the zoo with Snips. while I observed all the animals, i needed one other puppy. 6 7 What if I had a monkey for a puppy? If I had a monkey, it should climb up the window and pull down the curtains. eight That wouldn't be stable. nine What if I had an octopus for a puppy? If I had an octopus, it will by no means depart the tub. 10 That wouldn't be stable. eleven What if I had a giraffe for a puppy? If I had a giraffe, its head might poke a gap within the roof. 12 That wouldn't be stable. thirteen What if I had an owl for a puppy? If I had an owl, it is going to maintain me wakeful all evening. t o ho oot h 14 That wouldn't be solid. 15 What if I had a penguin for a puppy? If I had a penguin, it will consume every little thing within the freezer— even the ice cream! sixteen That wouldn't be reliable. 17 What if I had an elephant for a puppy? If I had an elephant, it'll make a large number within the front room. 18 That wouldn't be solid. 19 What if I had a seal for a puppy? If I had a seal, it's going to bark louder than Snips. 20 That wouldn't be stable. bark bark 21 Maybe I don’t want one other puppy finally. 22 Snips is the best puppy for me! 23 More Read-it! Readers vivid images and enjoyable tales assist you perform your examining talents. search for extra books at your point. Alex and Sarah 1-4048-1352-7 Alex and the staff Jersey 1-4048-1024-2 Alex and Toolie 1-4048-1027-7 Felicio’s fabulous Invention 1-4048-1030-7 Izzie’s concept 1-4048-0644-X Joe’s Day at Rumble’s Cave resort 1-4048-1339-X Naughty Nancy 1-4048-0558-3 mom and dad Do the most unearthly issues! 1-4048-1031-5 The Princess and the Frog 1-4048-0562-1 The Princess and the Tower 1-4048-1184-2 Rumble Meets Harry Hippo 1-4048-1338-1 Rumble Meets Lucas Lizard 1-4048-1334-9 Rumble Meets Randy Rabbit 1-4048-1337-3 Rumble Meets Shelby Spider 1-4048-1286-5 Rumble Meets Todd Toad 1-4048-1340-3 Rumble Meets Vikki Viper 1-4048-1342-X Rumble’s recognized Granny 1-4048-1336-5 Rumble the Dragon’s Cave 1-4048-1353-5 the 3 Princesses 1-4048-2422-7 the reality approximately Hansel and Gretel 1-4048-0559-1 Willie the Whale 1-4048-0557-5 24 trying to find a particular identify or point? an entire record of Read-it! Readers is accessible on our site: www. picturewindowbooks.

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