Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia (Second Edition)

Following within the footsteps of DK's bestselling grownup identify Animal, which bought in way over 2 million copies, Animals: a visible Encyclopedia finds the wonders of the animal nation to a more youthful readership.

  • Structured by way of animal crew with separate entries for each impressive form of animal, from ants and aardvarks to wasps and wallabies
  • Fact documents offer key info on habit, distribution, vitamin, and conservation issues
  • Action images unearths wild animals interacting of their local habitats and places common habit in context
  • Highlights animals probably to fireplace the mind's eye of younger minds: the deadliest, the most important, the friendliest, the quickest, and the downright strangest

Supports the typical middle country Standards.

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Sea kraits aren't sea snakes; they lay their eggs on land. Olive sea snake Yellow-lipped sea krait Aipysurus laevis Laticauda colubrina 10 ■ ■ 15 ■ size 6 toes (1. eight m) position Australasia ■ The olive sea snake is located on coral reefs in Australia and New Guinea. even if venomous, it basically assaults whether it is provoked. Its physique is purplish brown with a mild brown underside. those snakes are considered as precise sea snakes simply because they offer start to stay younger within the water. peak 31⁄4–5 toes (1–1. 5m) position Southeast Asia Sea kraits reside in coastal waters the place they hunt fish and eels. they're so much energetic at evening. in contrast to sea snakes, kraits lay eggs on land and go away them to hatch. Sea kraits have detailed scales on their abdominal that aid them move slowly on land. FANGS so much venomous snakes have hole the teeth that they use to inject their prey with venom. Venom kills or paralyzes the animal, making it more straightforward for the snake to swallow. . REPTILES CONSTRICTORS Constrictors are snakes that kill by means of wrapping their coils round their prey and squeezing not easy in order that the blood can't stream round the victim’s physique. This stops the guts and forestalls oxygen from attaining the organs. while the animal stops suffering, the snake swallows it head first. Boas and pythons are usual constrictor snakes. Children’s python eco-friendly anaconda Antaresia childreni Eunectes murinus 10 ■ ■ size 30–39 in (75–100 cm) situation Northern Australia This small python hides in caves and crevices the place it waits to ambush lizards, birds, and small mammals. it's going to even devour bats. If threatened it's going to strike and chunk an attacker, however it isn't toxic. Children’s pythons are reddish brown in colour with darker blotches. They lay their eggs in hole timber or caves. 25 ■ ■ d vast DINNER This anaconda has killed a caiman. it's going to now not have to consume anything for a number of months. size 20–33 feet (6–10 m) situation South the US the fairway anaconda is the world’s heaviest snake, and will weigh as much as 550 lb (250 kg). eco-friendly anacondas spend such a lot in their time submerged in water, hiding within the crops alongside the perimeters of rivers and lakes. they're in a position to killing capybaras and small deer and feature even been identified to assault and kill absolutely grown caimans. 169 Emerald tree boa Corallus caninus 20 ■ ■ size 5–61⁄2 feet (1. 5–2 m) situation N. South the USA REPTILES The emerald tree boa is completely tailored for all times within the treetops. Its vibrant colour blends in with the rain-forest foliage, whereas its muscular physique firmly grips tree trunks and branches. those boas coil themselves round a department with their heads putting down, able to strike a chicken or mammal. The prey is speared through the snake’s fangs sooner than being beaten to loss of life. among 3 and 15 orange-red reside younger are born each one season. They flip eco-friendly after 365 days. a hundred and seventy Carpet python universal boa constrictor Morelia spilota Boa constrictor 30 ■ ■ 30 ■ size 61⁄2–13 feet (2–4 m) place Australia ■ Carpet pythons are chanced on throughout a lot of Australia and in lots of assorted habitats.

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