1.d4, Volume 1 (Grandmaster Repertoire, Volume 1)

By Boris Avrukh

"Grandmaster Repertoire" is a brand new sequence of top of the range chess books according to the most strains, written through powerful grandmasters. the purpose is to supply the reader with a whole repertoire at a degree more than enough for elite tournaments, and definitely additionally for the membership championship. "Grandmaster Repertoire" offers a repertoire to final an entire life. most sensible GM Boris Avrukh charts a path in the direction of a bonus with 1.d4. Avrukh is used to dealing with the easiest avid gamers on the earth. during this booklet he offers a better model of the repertoire that increased him to the head 50, concentrating on major strains with a king part fianchetto. "1.d4 quantity One" covers the openings after 1.d4 d4 2.c4, fairly the Catalan, Queen's Gambit accredited, Semi-Slav, Slav, and different Queen's Gambit traces.

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Xc4 B 1 1) eight .. J�c8 B 1 2) eight ... cxd4 nine. tDxd4 �c8 10. tDc3 B 1 2 1 ) 1 zero ... �b6 B 1 22) 1 zero i. e7 B 1 23) 1 zero ... tDxd4 B 1 three) eight ... b5 nine. �d3 B 1 three 1) nine ... c4 B 1 32) nine ... �c8 1 zero. dxc5 hc5 1 l . tD c3 B 1 321) 1 1 . .. 0-0 B 1 322) 1 l ... tDb4 B 1 323) 1 l b4 B2) 7 ... cxd4 .. • ••• ••. ••• . •• ••• . •. p sixty four p sixty four p sixty five p sixty five p sixty six p sixty seven p sixty eight p sixty nine p sixty nine p 70 p seventy one p seventy two p seventy four p seventy six p seventy six p seventy eight p seventy eight p seventy nine p eighty p eighty two The Catalan sixty four l . d4 d5 2. c4 e6 three. lLlf3 lLlf6 four. g3 dxc4 five .. ig2 c5 this can be a well known line for Black and it has lately been performed effectively by means of Michael Adams. 6. 0-0 within the Catalan it really is very common for White to begin by means of constructing items whereas Black is principally making pawn strikes. it really is then rather ordinary for Black to play catch-up and later lose the pawn he has snatched. occasionally Black attempts to resolve his starting difficulties via removal the strain within the centre instantly with A) 6 ... cxd4. however the preferred movement during this place, and possibly additionally the soundest method for Black, is to begin to enhance with B) 6 lLlc6 and in basic terms then contemplate taking up d4. consequently White should begin taking a look at how one can regain the c-pawn. . •. ( l . d4 d5 2. c4 e6 three. lLlf3 lLlf6 four. g3 dxc4 five .. ig2 c5 6. 0-0) A) 6 ... cxd4 7. lLlxd4 one other attainable movement is 7. iWa4t, yet we'll specialize in the main common circulation, 7. tLlxd4. Black now has a large selection of continuations, from which i've got made up our minds to examine in basic terms the 5 such a lot typical strikes: AI) 7 ... lLla6, Al) 7 lLld5?! , A3) 7 ... . ic5 , A4) 7 Wib6 and A5) 7 ... a6!? .. • . •. (1 . d4 d5 2. c4 e6 three. ttJf3 lLlf6 four. g3 dxc4 five .. ig2 c5 6. 0-0 cxd4 7. lLlxd4) AI) 7 ... ttJa6 This circulation seems to be a piece unusual to me, as Black is doing not anything opposed to White's strain alongside the h I -a8 diagonal. however this movement was once given an exclamation mark in Chess Informant forty eight. bankruptcy five - four . . . dxc4 and five . . . c five eight. til b5! N this is often relatively a robust new circulation. formerly White has attempted in simple terms eight . lLla3 and eight. lLlc3 , yet failed t o receive whatever designated i n the op ening. eight ... VAfxdl eight . . . lLl c7 nine . �xd8t 'ttt x d8 1 O. lLl 5a3 ! ? and White should be truly larger after regaining the pawn on c4. eight . . . id7 nine. lLld6t ixd6 1 zero. �xd6 ib5 1 1 . �xd8t �xd8 1 2. lLla3 ic6 1 three . ixc6t bxc6 1 four . lLlxc4;! ; White has an facet, due to Black's broken pawn constitution at the queenside. nine. �xdl tild5 10. til l c3 ,td7 1 1 . tilxd5 ,txb5 12. tilc3 ,tc6 1 three. hc6t bxc6 14JM4 tilb4 1 five J:� xc4� With a delightful virtue for White. sixty five After 1 O . . . ic5 Kramnik supplies the next line: 1 1 . �b5t lLl d7 1 2. lLlb3 with virtue to White. 1 1 . tilc3 I I . e4 can be a useful substitute. 1 1 ... ,tc5 Or 1 1 . . . lLlxc3 1 2. �xc3 �c8 l three . �d3 and White's strain at the h l -a8 diagonal is disagreeable. 12. tilxd5 tilxd5 the opposite recapture, 1 2 . . . exd5, offers White a delightful area after 1 three . ie3;! ;, yet after the textual content White has a neat tactical source. (1 . d4 d5 2. c4 e6 three. tila tilf6 four. g3 dxc4 five. ,tg2 c5 6. 0-0 cxd4 7. tilxd4) A2) 7 ... tild5�! thirteen. tilf5! 0-0 If l three . . . exf5 1 four . �xd5± Black loses the b7pawn. 14. tilxg7! ± This used to be performed in Kramnik - Naiditsch, Turin (01) 2006.

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